I received a strike from NZ NATION, what does this mean?

At NZ NATION we strive to provide the best service possible. We can best do this if our users work according to our guidelines as well. However, sometimes we recognize suspicious activities on our platform and therefore we have implemented a strike system to assure high quality content and service. Strikes are sort of a disciplinary warning: it is our way of telling an artist that they have committed a very serious offence violating our terms and conditions. 

  • Copyright infringement
    Sometimes it happens that users sends in a song that is clearly the work of another artist. We can recognize this by matching it in our cloud. This violates our terms and conditions, therefore we will contact the artist and ask whether they are aware of this. A takedown of the music will be required.
  • Fake artist
    When the user uses and image of a popular artist, or  to take advantage of this artist (this strike is for those artist that not have a high profile but affect to the real artist) this strike can be use it when the user use the famous artist as ft artist too, in this cases we can Reopen the releases for copyright and warning that the use of this artist name as ft is not allowed and needs to fix it. If he don't fix it we can strike him for this reason

Whenever we recognize one of these cases mentioned above, we will contact the user and ask for validation, proof of copyright, or in very obvious cases change of name. The user receives a second chance to release music according to the guidelines- but if the user refuses to work with us, we reserve the right to terminate his account, delete all prior activity at NZ NATION and block the user from using our services again.

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