What is a YouTube topic channel and how does it work?

YouTube Music is YouTube's streaming service. At NZ NATION, you can publish your music to this platform in both the free and PRO plan, just make sure you select "47+ Stores" when planning your release.

If you haven't upgraded your artist YouTube channel to an Official Artist Channel, then YouTube will post your music on what is called a Topic Channel.

Topic Channels:
Many artists are automatically assigned a topic channel. This is usually your name, followed by “-Topic”. For example, Drake - Topic. Note that this a different channel than his Official Artist Channel, Drake. Both of those channels contain his music. If you do not claim your Official Artist Channel, fans will be directed to your Topic Channel on YouTube.

Various Artists - Topic:
Many times, YouTube adds artists' music to a channel called "Various Artists - Topic". This is usually for undiscovered artists with smaller play counts. When an artist becomes more popular, their music is often moved (by YouTube) to a hashtag channel.


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