Why isn't my music published on Apple Music?

If your releases or upcoming release are not on Apple's music catalog, the issue is probably that the track and/or its metadata does not meet the store guidelines. You can check the reasons that Apple Music could reject your music here:

Metadata (release information) 

Be sure that your release information (metadata) is correct in order to be on Apple's music catalog. 


You can only upload photos that you have legal authorization to share.

Send the original album cover whenever possible, and don't use generic art templates. Do not use art that does not match the album you are submitting.

Images that do not meet the presentation guidelines or standards may be rejected or deleted by Apple Music.

File format:
Specification Guide  
Size 2000 x 2000
Do not upscale images
Resolution 72 dpi
File Type JPG or PNG


Things to Avoid:

Make sure your image avoids these three common rejection issues: blurry or pixelated content, borders, and text.

1. No pixelation or low-resolution images.

 2. No borders of any kind. 

3. No typography or logos of any kind.

Additional Tips:

  • No blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, or rotated images
  • No advertisements for content (for example, “Includes DVD” or “Includes Lyrics”)
  • No artist album cover art or artist logos
  • No text, including artist names, roles, dates, instruments, or current and former bands
  • It should not include references to it being a digital product.
  • No borders
  • If you are collaborating with an artist, add "FT" before the collaborating artist name (symbols like: & "", -, X or () are not allowed) you can only use these symbols when it is a main artist.
  • No attempt to up-sell a product. The image should be a representation of the artist.
  • No misleading images (for example, depicting or referencing an artist not associated with the original artist)
  • No URLs for websites that sell music or compete with Apple Music or iTunes
  • No use of the terms “Apple Music,” “MUSIC,” or “iTunes”
  • It should not include price references, including "Reduced Price", "Low Price", "Available for $9.99" or "For Promotional Use".
  • No pornography or website URLs that link to pornography
  • No Nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a, if the content is visible in DE, AT, or CH. Please be aware if this happens three times (where a photo in these territories is delivered with Nazi imagery), your entire catalog will be suspended in DE, AT, and CH for up to six months.
  • No images or themes not legal or appropriate for all countries, or that encourage unlawful conduct, or are otherwise obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste
  • It should not include references to the physical packaging (e.g. CD or cassette) or any other retailer

Correct release information language

The appropriate language must be set in the release information (metadata) at the album level. Careful: Language should match the language of the metadata, not necessarily the audio (performance). Title language = language of the musical title. Performance language = language of the lyrics


Title: Winter (language: english)

Performance Vocal: Spanish

Special Characters. Do not use emojis or special characters in titles, artist names, or other metadata (release information)

Track Version Information.

  • Live
  • Radio Edit
  • Instrumental
  • Extended Version
  • Remix
  • Cover Version

Unnecessary Version Information

  • Album Version
  • Original Version
  • Previously Unreleased
  • Remix

Non Standard Capitalization

Titles and artist names must not be in all capitals, all lower case, or random casing.

WINTER Title is all upper case
winter Title is all lower case
wiNtTeR Title has random capitalization

Explicit content and Parent Advisory logo

Explicit content will be considered when the song have bad words in your language, you must to select this element in your song and release information. 

Automatically Censoring Words. Artist names, track titles, and album titles must be submitted in the original form that was intended by the artist. Explicit words are automatically censored on the iTunes Store and on Apple Music (for example, F**k, or S**t). Do not insert the asterisks yourself.

The Parental Advisory logo on artwork is not important, but if you want to add it in your artwork, be sure that have high quality and it's not modificated. ONLY use this type of Parental Advisory logo:


Audio Cut-Off or unnecessary extended

Check that your audio file is complete, and don't extend silence for more than 5 seconds.

Apple music REJECTS beats that have watermark or the use of free beats, also the when the audio duration is less than 30 seconds.

If you have more questions about Apple's guidelines, click here for more information.

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