My release has been reopened. What can I do?

Your release may be reopened when it does not meet certain guidelines from the stores. 

If this is your case, you will receive an email and you will see a label in your release "Reopened". At this point your release has not been approved and in order to be published you need to fix the issues marked on the release. 

Most of the reasons for reopening are: 

Suspicious Artist: We have been notified that there is something not checking out.

Don't worry, since we have a big artist flow we just need additional information to be sure you are that person. We will need yo to send us information such as yourself in the studio or music proof. 

Add Social Media: We are missing your social media information, please go to your account and add your social accounts before sending the release again. 

Copyright Infringement: Our team has detected the use of unauthorized samples, beats, vocals etc. If this is your case you will need a valid and certified license to continue or remove the flagged track/release. 

Free Beats: Our team has detected the use of an unauthorized free beats. You will need to provide a valid and certified license for the free beat or remove the flagged track/release. 

Low Quality: We were unable to get your release approved by stores due to low quality on your release.

Low quality may include: 

  • Poor audio quality
  • Noise in audio
  • Clipping (Distortion)
  • Recorded with cellphone
  • +10 second fade in (No audio) 
  • +10 second fade out (No audio)
  • Silence in between the audio file

Already Published: Your release is already available on stores using another distributor. In order to use Nz Nation Distribution, please request a "takedown" to the distributor used first to publish the release through Nz Nation Distribution.